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Are you interested in astronomy and outer space? Learn and test your understanding through the bite-sized quizzes below. Pass and Complete all 4 missions to receive a certificate signed by NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams! 

Air Battle


Mission  |  Rockets

Nothing is more exciting than seeing a rocket launch. In this segment, learn about how rockets are used to send payloads into the orbit.

Image by NASA


Mission  |  ISS

Astronauts living on the ISS don't just use it as a home, but as a space laboratory. The space environment provides crew members with the ability to conduct research. Discover its role and why future space exploration depends on it.

Full Moon


Mission  |  Moon

Will there be life on the moon in the future? How long does it take to travel to the moon? Discover how NASA's Artemis lunar exploration program uses new technologies and systems to explore more of the moon.

Image by Luca R


Mission  |  Mars

Mars, The Red Planet On April 19 2021, NASA’s Mars Helicopter Ingenuity became the first aircraft to take off successfully on the red planet. What does this mean for our exploration of other worlds? How much longer before we see the next man on Mars?

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