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SpaceSci-Fi Contest

Fairy Lights


Closing Date: 30th April 2022
Open to Secondary Students only. 

Write an original unpublished fictional stories in English.

Strictly Word count: 300-500 words. 

Grand prizes for top 3: $500 Cash each

For 4th - 13th: $300 Cash each 

Calling out to all Secondary School Students in Singapore! We are inviting you to submit your best science fiction creative writing story.  

Take a step into the unknown and expand your imagination on what life on space will be like! Share your story in our Space Science Fiction Creative Writing Contest.

One challenge for Secondary School Students will be creative writing relating to space.  Students are encouraged to imagine:

  • What will living in space will be like?

  • What kind of gadgets will be available?

  • How will daily activities be conducted differently compared to life on earth?

Team Aspire Lab has hosted and videoed a creative writing workshop for student. 

Now, students can learn techniques on how to brainstorm and write effectively.  *These workshops are for students at secondary level. 

Download our PDF workshop materials before you catch the video. 

We are letting the cat out of the bag: NASA Astronaut - Jeff Williams will be coming to Singapore! Winners will stand a chance to present ideas to Jeff Williams! 

Follow our FACEBOOK @aspirelabssg for more informations!

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